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Utilization Management
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Physician-driven Documentation

We drive excellence in utilization review through physician-driven solutions designed to enhance your revenue cycle.
Our focus on denial mitigation helps our clients optimize revenue so they can provide higher quality care.

Translating Data into Reimbursement

Our data driven insights uncover strategies to help hospitals and health systems achieve optimal financial results. Quarterly meetings are scheduled with our clients to ensure they understand the data we capture, which provides actionable insights for optimizing revenue cycle. Opportunities to positively impact reimbursement are identified through the data, some of which include root cause identification, missed reimbursement opportunities, and extended observation stays.

AppriseMD physician advisors provide essential utilization review and denial management education for treating physicians

Quarterly Reporting Example

All of our reviews include a physician accessing the electronic medical record so he or she can capture the information that is needed for one of our physician advisors to provide a recommendation on utilization as it relates to medical necessity, level of care, discharge, or even the information needed for overturning a denial or conducting an audit. All reports are customized to the client needs, and each report includes some standard data, some of which is illustrated in our quarterly reporting example.

AppriseMD Sample Report
AppriseMD Report Table of Contents

Download a Sample Quarterly Report


Optimize patient care, reduce denials and maximize reimbursement through our unique approach to achieving excellence in utilization management.

Discuss your hospital’s utilization and denial management needs with our team.


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