About AppriseMD

Protecting Revenue Integrity

Our denial management and physician advisor services increase reimbursement through a unique approach to utilization case review. We partner with all size hospital and health systems.

Utilization Case Review

  • Second Level Case Reviews
  • Medicare Short Stay Chart Audits
  • Internal Peer-to-Peer Reviews
  • Payer Peer-to-Peer Reviews
  • Discharge Reviews
  • Appeal Reviews

Physician Advisory

  • Remote Support
  • Full-Time Support
  • Night, Weekend & Holiday Support
  • Interim Support

Physician Owned & Operated

Our expertise and bandwidth allow us to supplement any physician advisor need, yet our flexibility and sole focus on utilization case review lets out healthcare partners decide how they want to work with us without having to install another system application.


"We have an increased level of internal quality controls to ensure that reviews are accurate, understandable, actionable and customized to each hospital's needs."

- Founder Dr. Franklin Baumann

Dealing with Denials

Ultimately hospitals and other healthcare providers can no longer ignore the impact inpatient denials can have on their cash flow. Ninety percent of all denials are preventable, so why aren’t more denials being prevented?

A compendium of research compiled by


Optimize patient care, reduce denials and maximize reimbursement through our unique approach to achieving excellence in utilization review.

Discuss your hospital's denial prevention and appeal management needs with our team.


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