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Featured Case Preparation Physician

AppriseMD's Featured Case Preparation Physicians review medical records to efficiently and succinctly summarize complex care to assist Physician Advisors with their determinations.

They demonstrate expertise in optimizing the electronic medical record and apply clinical knowledge during collaborative sessions with the Physician Advisors by identifying pertinent findings.


Dr. Vanessa Lara, Featured Case Preparation Physician of the Month

Dr. Vanessa Lara

Case Preparation Physician, AppriseMD

AppriseMD named Dr. Vanessa Lara its Featured Case Preparation Physician of the month. Dr. Lara's dedication, professionalism and exemplary work ethic have earned her this distinction. She has been a valuable employee, not only meeting but exceeding expectations and showing remarkable ability to work collaboratively with others. Dr. Lara matching this year is a testament to her hard work and we have no doubt she will continue to excel in her medical career journey.

Many of our Case Preparation Physicians go on to match for residencies around the country.

Six AppriseMD physician managers and case preparation physicians matched into residency programs

We are extremely proud of these physicians and know they will make excellent additions to these programs into which they were matched. The skill they have demonstrated in working with our physician advisors to identify pertinent findings and apply clinical knowledge to medical case reviews will follow them into their specialties and enhance their ability to manage the overall care of their patients.

- AppriseMD founder and CEO Franklin Baumann, MD

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