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April 2, 2024

Three physicians from AppriseMD match into residency programs

CHICAGO, IL – Three AppriseMD case preparation physicians (CPPs) matched into residency programs across the country this month and will soon begin postgraduate training in various specialties. They join seven former AppriseMD physicians currently in residency training after participating in the National Resident Matching Program last year.

“My job as a case preparation physician at AppriseMD taught me how I can work thoroughly under time pressure, find quickly a patient’s pertinent medical problems, work smoothly in a team, communicate efficiently with other physicians and nurses, and document succinctly,” said Dr. Vanessa Lara, who matched into a family medicine residence at Summa Health in Barberton, Ohio. Dr. Laura discussed her utilization review work at AppriseMD in all her residency interviews. The self-sufficiency required from a CPP as well as the similarities to intern work made an impression.

“I will be very comfortable starting residency already knowing the treatment plans for the most common medical issues like heart failure exacerbation, pneumonia, complex UTI, ground level fall, etc., just because I have reviewed them so often in my AppriseMD cases,” Dr. Lara said.

In addition to Dr. Lara, AppriseMD CPP Dr. Natalie Gonzalez matched into a pediatrics residency program at Saint Peter's University Hospital in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Finally, Dr. Mayank Gupta looks forward to beginning his internal medicine residency program at Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn, New York.

“We are extremely proud of these physicians and know they will make excellent additions to these programs into which they were matched,” said Dr. Franklin Baumann, AppriseMD founder and CEO. “The skill they have demonstrated in collaborating with our physician advisors to identify pertinent findings and apply clinical knowledge to medical case reviews will follow them into their specialties and enhance their ability to manage the overall care of their patients.”

AppriseMD partners with hospital and health system utilization management teams to provide denial management and physician advisor services. AppriseMD’s exceptionally skilled medical professionals review medical records and succinctly summarize complex care to assist physician advisors with their determinations.

CPPs possess strong clinical backgrounds which are further enhanced through the medical case review experience they gain while working at AppriseMD alongside physician advisors. AppriseMD physician advisors are all licensed, board-certified physicians with at least five years of hospital- based clinical experience combined with three years of utilization management experience.


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