Revenue Integrity
Physician Advisory

Our licensed, board-certified physicians educate hospital and health system utilization review teams on clinical issues impacting denials, compliance and reimbursement.

Remote Support

Full-Time Support

Night, Weekend & Holiday Support

Interim Support

Determining observation stay guidelines

Remote Support

Hospitals and health systems utilize remote support to supplement their existing services. Hospital partners drive the parameters around cases escalated for review.

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Full-Time Support

Physician advisors review all cases sent by hospital partners needing full-time support seven days a week, 365 days a year, including holidays.

Night, Weekend and Holiday Support

Hospitals must capture appropriate reimbursement and prevent denials to combat the rising cost of healthcare even on nights, weekends and holidays. Gap support services cover these hours, accommodating any physician advisor need.

Interim Support

Mitigate risk and optimize revenue even when your team is temporarily short staffed. We provide interim support when the need arises so you can focus on patient care every day.

Cases are never automated. Two physicians review every case.

Available Seven Days a Week, 365 Days a Year

Our services are provided year-round, including holidays, with turnaround time commitments for second level case reviews.

  • LIVE coverage hours = 12 hours on weekdays; 8 hours on weekends
  • Two-hour turnaround time during LIVE coverage hours
  • Cases sent outside of LIVE coverage hours returned by noon the following day

Optimize patient care, reduce denials and maximize reimbursement through our unique approach to achieving excellence in utilization review.

Discuss your hospital's denial prevention and appeal management needs with our team.


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