Peer-to-Peer Reviews

We customize our Peer-to-Peer Review process to your hospital’s needs

We have shown outstanding results in overturning “hopeless” denials and proven hospitals can recoup dollars with a consistent practice of Peer-to-Peer reviews done with thorough planning and preparation. Let us show you a 4x ROI with our P2P services.

  • Internal P2P

We conduct mindful P2Ps only when it is important and when they are necessary, not just to check a box.

Our physicians advisors initiate Peer-to-Peer reviews with the treating physicians for case clarifications, redirection to lower level of care, discharge consideration, or potential education.

  • External P2P

AppriseMD provides expert physician advisor services. Our licensed, board-certified physicians partner with hospital utilization review teams to deliver MD-level support for daily processes.

AppriseMD acts as a full advocate of your hospital regarding external Peer-to-Peer reviews handling the entire process and eliminating this task for your attending physicians.

Your physicians are focused on treating patients, let us take Peer-to-Peer reviews off their hands and recoup more revenue for you.

For Further Reading

If you are interested in reading more about our Peer-to-Peer Reviews, download our case study below.


CASE STUDY: Can Peer-to-Peer Reviews Overturn Short Hospital Stay Inpatient Denials?

Inpatient admissions less than two days in length which have been denied by a commercial carrier are appropriate for Peer-to-Peer Review, but not all hospitals and doctors have the time or the will to do these reviews. Once we have moved past the extreme situation of the COVID-19 pandemic, hospitals are going to look hard at finding any way they can recoup dollars. We have done a limited study and seen the benefit of P2P reviews at AppriseMD and how it can reverse denials and recoup dollars for hospitals.

Clinical Peer Review & Utilization Review | AppriseMD

Raising the bar for your after-hours utilization review services

AppriseMD offers Peer-to-Peer & Utilization Review.

We offer clinical expertise combined with insurance experience to support hospitals in a highly personalized process. We value transparency and honesty.

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Phone: (847) 849-1970
Email: info@AppriseMD.com

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