Secondary and Short Stay Reviews



Our MD-level secondary reviews enable your physicians to focus on care rather than documentation.

AppriseMD physician advisors provide secondary reviews for:

  • Level of care
  • Length of stay
  • Discharge reviews
  • Documentation clarification and improvement

We review cases in a way that reflects our clinical experience. At least two physicians touch every review, often three.

AppriseMD conducts a clinical conference to discuss every single case. No case review is automated or handled by a non-physician expert.

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Short stay reviews focus solely on brief hospital stays that have a high likelihood of audit and outside scrutiny.

AppriseMD will review traditional Medicare cases admitted inpatient for less than two midnights.

Physician advisors look at cases medically to determine appropriate initial level of care and the conditions that led to discharge.

Plus, we help educate treating physicians on the process.

We have a passion for utilization management and we are always looking at ways to improve the review process at the hospital level. We don't just manage reviews, we act as physician advisors and partners.

Our Goals Are:


Optimizing care


Decreasing payer denials


Maximizing revenue

Utilization Review | AppriseMD

Raising the bar for your after-hours utilization review service

AppriseMD offers Utilization Review for hospitals

We offer clinical expertise combined with insurance experience to support hospitals in a highly personalized process. We value transparency and honesty.

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Phone: (847) 849-1970
Email: info@AppriseMD.com

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Our promise: We will enable hospitals and physicians to care for their communities by providing industry-leading physician advisor services.

We do this by changing the way hospitals conduct utilization review management to reflect a focus on care and the collaborative nature of medicine.

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