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Raising the bar for your after-hours Utilization Review services.

Don’t let your Utilization Management quality suffer because it's the middle of the night or a holiday. 

AppriseMD knows the pace and constant need large hospitals have for Utilization Review around the clock.

Let us round out your Utilization Review staff with our team of physicians with both clinical and health insurance experience. The quality of your case management should not drop after hours. AppriseMD allows you to offer high quality reviews around the clock.

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We have a clinical conference to discuss every single case, no matter the day or time.
No case review is automated or handled by a non-clinical expert.

Utilization Review Service for Large Hospitals | AppriseMD

Raising the bar for your after-hours utilization review services

AppriseMD offers utilization management / Utilization Review Services for Large Hospitals 

We offer clinical expertise combined with insurance experience to support hospitals in a highly personalized process. We value transparency and honesty. Apprise MD provides utilization management & Utilization review services for large hospitals. We can custom fit our utilization review service to fit the size of your hospital. Whatever your utilization review service needs, apprise can provide quality services with fast service turnaround times. 

AppriseMD 707 Skokie Blvd #600, Northbrook, IL 60062, USA

Phone: (847) 849-1970
Email: info@AppriseMD.com

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Specialized services:

  • After-hours UR
  • External Peer-to-Peer services: We act as a full advocate of the hospital, scheduling insurance company meeting times eliminating scheduling issues for attending physicians.
  • Live Audit Review
    • During peak hours, a third physician will review your case. It is in the busiest times and when volumes are highest that people are prone to mistakes. We created Live Audit Reviews for this reason.
    • Our audits are intensively focused on logic consistency for Level of Care and Level of Service decisions, communication, and accuracy of the information.
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